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Millennial Tales of Terror: Make Room for Daddy

Millennial Tales of Terror: Smooth Exorcist

Alleged Scary Clown Chases School Kids in Dallas, Oregon

I Love You, Amy Schumer, But You're Wrong

Today in Portland: Watch Your Heads Out There

For Your Nightmares: Cryptomaster behemoth

It's Norovirus Season. Watch Out.

Meet Kevin... the Portland Mercury Street Team Ghost!

The Walking Dead Recap: Use the Stairway, Dummy!

The Walking Dead Recap: Survivors Are THE WORST

Breaking: Shoot-Out, Explosions, and Hostages Taken in Paris

Last Chance: The Lost Boys-Live! Closes This Weekend

How to Apologize for Being a Monster

It's on TV This Weekend: Ash vs. Evil Dead

No-Cause Evictions Affect Monster Population

Hey Monster! You're Riding the Bus Wrong!

A Guide for All the New Monsters Moving to Town

Today in GAAAAHHH!!: A Horrific Scene from the Upcoming Outcast

New Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer LOOKS SO GOOD!

Two Naked Guys Battle (and Get Shocked by) an Electric Eel

Man Tries to Leave Elevator; Elevator Has Other Ideas

Hannibal Season 3 Trailer

I Never Want to Read Ugly Girls Again, But You Should

Trailer for the Black Mirror Christmas Special...

The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: G.I. Ginger!

Lunchtime TV: Watch Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks

So This Guy is Volunteering to be Eaten Alive by an Anaconda

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