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One of Portland's Most Important Art Spaces Is Closing. Now What?

The Museum of Contemporary Craft's Struggles Highlight Need for Art World Alternatives

Samantha Wall Makes the Invisible Visible

The Contemporary Northwest Art Award Winner's Larger-Than-Life Drawings Explore Multiracial Identity

That Capitalist Vision of Thomas Kinkade

Upfor Gallery Curators on the McDonald's of the Art World

Natalie Anne Howard's Art Is Psychedelia by Southwest

Natalie Anne Howard's Art Is Psychedelia by Southwest

The '90s Nostalgia of Diurnal Doldrums

Krampus Sees You When You're Sleeping

And He's Coming to the Pony Club Gallery!

Liminal Wants You to Feel Weird (and You Will)

The Art of the Insult in Offending the Audience

Dynasty Handbag's Delusions and Grandeur

Dynasty Handbag's Delusions and Grandeur

Not-So-Precious Cargo

Artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins Upends Portland's Cutesy Crafting

It Belongs in a Museum!

An Illustrated Guide to Portland's Under-the-Radar Museum Scene

Life on the Streets

Survival Advice from the Youth of P:ear

Another Roadside Attraction

Drive-ins, Signs, and Symbols at Land Gallery

Hockney Meets Stravinsky

Portland Opera Joins Forces with Artist David Hockney

Shutter Speed

Portland's Boundary-Pushing Photography Finds a Home at Melanie Flood Projects

A Room Full of Faces: Key Figures at Adams and Ollman

Room Full of Faces

Key Figures of Outsider Art at Adams and Ollman

Clown About Town

Anthony Hudson on the Evolution of Drag Clown Carla Rossi

Show Runner

The Cooley Gallery's Stephanie Snyder on What Makes a Curator

Without Ceremony

Victoria Haven's Quiet Evolution


Liminal Mines the Infamous Anagram

Wilderness Years

Corey Arnold Photographs Animals Who Want to Kill Him

Diving In

The Portland Queer Festival: New Name, New Movies

Magenta Jungle

Richard Mosse, Beauty, and War

Hive Mind

The Textile Collection of a Lifetime

Disco Balls and Balloons: Until Next Time, TBA

Disco Balls and Balloons: Until Next Time, TBA

GERMINAL: A Delightful Microcosm

SQUART: Review

GERMINAL: A Delightful Microcosm

Macho Dancer

BodyCartography Project's Super Nature in Review

Portland's Portraitist

Michael Horwitz Will Draw Your Face

Life in Art

Exploring PAM's Progressive History with Jen Delos Reyes

Dick Flicks

Twillerama's Diamonds in the Rough

Puppet Master

Katie McClenahan's Tiny Puppet Theater Fest

Tonight: Dance+ Festival, Part Two

Conduit's Dance+ Festival, Midway Review

Over the Borderline

Signal Fire's Artists Capture Life at the Border

Love and Marriage

Slumming Angel Unpacks Coupling in the Abstract

Beauty and Brains

Rodrigo Valenzuela's Story Is Everyone's Story
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