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Pure Id (At What Cost?)

Ying Yang Twins Seek Freak

Portland: Band’s Last Stand

An Exploration of Locale

Hands Across Cascadia

Caro Rides His Pony into Portland

Christina Aguilera, Riot Grrl

How a Pop Princess Became a New Voice for Feminism

Primal Scream

Neo-Hippie Animals Say "Let Me Out"

America's Sweetheart

Fantasia Barrino Saved TV

Don't Bitch, Organize

PDX Pop Grows from Listserv to Local Music Festival... by General Consensus

Thou Shall Not Freebase

Lost Boys' Moral: Stay Off Cocaine

This Is Love

Trauma Le Tron Dances into Beauty

Power and Peace

Melissa Auf Der Maur Pulls No Punches

I'll Show You Retarded

M.O.P. Bleeds Adrenalin

The Feminine Complex

Your Pet and STDs: Nature's Silent Killer

Sing, Sweet Dragon-gale

The Badger King's Electro-Pop Opera

Turn it Up

Libretto's Got Portland on Dial

Cracking the Code

Enigmatic Metallists: Swarming Hordes

Lady of the Woods

Forest Folk, Taut and Sweet

So Fresh, So Clean

Lowrider Tour Cruises Slow and Low

Style Wars

The Warriors: Fashion Ideas for Days

The Eternals

Problem Solving


I'm Talib Kweli, Bitch

In the Eye of a Beautiful Struggle

Work it Out

RJD2 Flashes Pop Feathers

Waiting for a Refill

Jarmusch's Beckettian Vignettes are A-OK

Keeping it Puro

Pocos Pero Locos Opens Door for Latino Underground Hiphop

Barely Legal

Ban the Neo-Con Twin Robots Now!

Rapper with a Thousand Faces

Sci-Fi Emcee's Succinct, Iconic Disses

Make Art, Not Bombs

Tracy + The Plastics: Possibility with Three Heads


Avril Lavigne; At a Mall Near You

Foundation Breaks

Cold Crush Brothers and Quannum Crew: Two Supernovas, One Night Only

One Love

KPSU's Giant Hiphop Showcase


Mahjongg on the Gutter Funk Agenda

Lovely and Amazing

Scream Club's Got Flow

The Hot Rock

Giant B-Boy Battle Lands PDX on National Map

Grimy on the Uptake

Local Producers Make Drizzly Beats

Cauldron Music

Witches Summon Rhythm, or Vice Versa

That's the Anthem

West and Banner Rule This Tour

Get the Tic

Got! To Go! To Numbers! Show!

Plug In and FIGHT!

Local Knobs in Battle Mode

Do Cameras Lie?

Film Crew Gets Inside Chavez Coup

Wacky School

This Goofball Music is Good Music

Get Your Crazy Funk

Atlanta Smacks It Right in th' Ass

Brother's on Fire

Sibling Rivalry Means Great Music

Spatial Irony

Culture Clash is Funny!

Mass Models

Community Radio, Still Ours

Now is Right, Reunite

Back at Square One?

The Audio to the Visual

A Selection of Reel Music Films, Reviewed

All Hands on Decks!

Local DJs on their Favorite Jam of 2003

Wiggle It, That 8-Bit

Music for the Video Game Enthusiast

This is Portland Hiphop

POH-Hop 8 Glues It Back Together

Ukulele Ladies

Exotica Hits from Petty Booka
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