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Spell Check Not Included

Harmon Leon's error-riddled report from the underbelly of America.

Reporting from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Slumming It

City of Men, AKA City of God Lite

Things I've Learned from Women Who've Dumped Me

edited by Ben Karlin
(Grand Central)


Some "Hard" Truths About Public Sex

Hell Up Close

Ghosts of Cité Soleil: Humanizing the Inhuman

Mingering Mike

by Dori Hadar
(Princeton Architectural Press)


Arena Rock

Confessions of a Professional Basketball Music Programmer

Kirk Radley

Stuck in the Middle

Bo Restobar Splits the Difference


Masu Does Raw Fish Right

The Littlest Hitler by Ryan Boudinot

Goodbye Lemon by Adam Davies

Michael Gray author of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia

I'm Staying Home

Second Time's the Charm

Failed Competitive Eater Redeems Himself

Woody Allen Likes Himself

Good for Woody. Bad for Us.

If it Ain't Broke... Fix It

Somehow, Someway, Acme Gets Better

The Cantor's Daughter by Scott Nadelson

Honky-Tonk Hero

The Secret Genius of Tom Heinl

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Do the Mambo

Callaloo is a Caribbean Explosion

The Lonesome West

Brunch Bonanza

Standing in Line: The Weekend Grind

Mediterranean Moxie

Blue Olive Stands Out on Fremont

Han, Solo

Charles Ross’ One-Man Star Wars Trilogy

Like I Say

Silent Pill

Game-to-Film Adaptation Tough to Swallow


Gone Mashin'

New Brewpub Finds its Groove

Barred Bard

A Cast of Convicts Puts on Shakespeare


Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, 5340 N Interstate, 774-0997, 8 pm April 7-9, 2 pm April 9, $10-12

Hit Me in the Stomach

Transforming Joe's

An Old Standard Turns into a New One

Claire Blakely

performing in CATS: The Musical

Man vs. Meat

The Sayler's 72-Ounce Challenge

The Water Principle

Big-Top BrewPub

On BridgePort's Impressive Evolution

Doing What it Does

Café Wonder Isn’t Messing Around

Dawn Joella Jackson

After School Girlfight! Kill! Kill!


Something for Everyone

Everett Street Does it All, and More

Michael Sakamoto

Comfort Food

Eugenio's Bumps Up to "Bistro"

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow

Missing Lucinda

Rock-Fried Country vs. Deep-Fried Fish
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