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A Stripped-Down Evita at Stumptown Stages

Good Performances, But Missing “Just a Little Touch of Star Quality”

Move Over, Maru. Make Way, Lil Bub!

It’s Oregon Cats’ Time to Shine at a New Cat Video Festival

Inside Stream PDX’s Mobile Recording Studio

How an Airstream Trailer on NE MLK is Making Podcasting More Accessible

Rethinking the Canon

Portland Writer/Artist Dao Strom Discusses a New Local Effort to Showcase Authors of Color

Curse of The Love Witch

Sex Magick Shouldn’t Be This Dull

Put Your Pinkies Up at Adelina Books

Portland’s Newest Bookstore is a Safe Space for Art and Film Snobs

Phoebe Robinson, Dope Queen

You Can’t Touch My Hair Takes on Race and Pop Culture

Pain and Motherhood in Viktoria

Post-Soviet, Postnatal

Being Empowered (Sort Of) (Not Really) with Bad Moms

Alas, Some Problems Can’t Be Solved with Binge Drinking

Tickled Offers a Glimpse into Tickling Fetish Videos

And Then Things Get Really Weird

Limp Weiner

The Saga of "Carlos Danger" Is Like Veep—Except Not as Funny.

The Highs and Lows of In the Heights

Stumptown Stages Puts on Lin-Manuel Miranda's Other Musical

Equity and Aesthetics Should Mix

Historian Reiko Hillyer Talks Density, Affordable Housing, and Equal Access to Public Space

Crystal Beasley's Data-Driven Antidote to Fast Fashion

Her Portland-Based Company Is Finally Making a Goddamn Pair of Pants That Fits

A Drawn and Disorderly Legacy in The Complete Wimmen's Comix

Sorry, Franck Bondoux, Women Comics Artists Have Been Around for a While
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