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PTFC2K9: We Won the League!

PTFC2K9: The Streak is Dead, Long Live the Streak

PTFC2K9: Occasional letters from an amazing season

PTFC2K9: Epic Moments

PDX2K9: Three match Sunday

PTFC2K9: A Whipping for the Ages

PTFC2K9: whirlwind weeks

PTFC2K9: Thunder and lightning

PTFC2K9: Firing on all cylinders

PTFC2k9: Beachfront Points and Burnley cometh

PTFC2k9: Crushing sadness, Thrilling victory

PTFC2K9: Doing donuts in your High School stadium

PTFC2k9: Back to Back Weekend

PTFC2k9: back on the grind

PTFC2K9: Cautious Optimism

PTFC2k9: The Season Cometh

MLS2PDX: this is it!

MLS2PDX: 4,000 Scarves

PTFC2K9: The (Pre)Season Cometh

PTFC2K9: the Tension is Building

PTFC Bone Marrow Donor drive

MLS2PDX: Everybody's Fuckin' it Up

MLS2PDX: Hellos and Goodbyes

MLS2PDX: snow makes the turf grow

MLS2PDX: Rollin' with the Heavies

MLS2PDX: Now with Podcasts!

MLS2PDX: going national

MLS2PDX: meetings in NYC

MLS2PDX: The Competition Revealed

MLS2PDX plans see the light of day

No Playoffs for the Timbers: Timbers 1 Charleston 2

For the Rose City, 4 Nil! Timbers destroy Miami

Timbers Today!

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