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The Best Places to Read, Buy Books, and See Art

Chelsea Cain’s Twitter Tricks and Man-Eaters Hints

How the Portland Writer Vanquished an Internet Outrage Cycle and Returned to Comics Creepier and Cooler Than Ever

GeekCraft Expo PDX: For Kinder, Gentler Nerds

The Triumphant Return of Portland’s Most Accessible Geek Gathering

Thank You for Supporting the Arts Is Another Chapter in the Story of Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas Discusses Financial Independence, Stripping as Art, and Positive Depictions of Sex Workers

Today Is My Last Day at the Mercury. Bye!!!

The Thanksgiving Play Skewers America’s Worst Holiday

Larissa FastHorse’s Committed, Well-Crafted Satire Takes On Well-Meaning Liberals and Theater’s Diversity Problem

Red Clocks: Speculative Lit at Its Finest

The Radical Potential of Leni Zumas’ Oregon Coast Dystopia

I Hate Music

But I Love the Slits

Cecile Richards, WYD?

The Outgoing Planned Parenthood President and Daughter of Badass Politico Ann Richards Prepares to Make Trouble

Outside In Leaves the City Behind

Without Resorting to Nostalgia, Lynn Shelton Captures the Old Pacific Northwest

O, Democracy!

Hamilton Will Make You Feel Better About Being an American

Can't Get Into Hamilton? Here Are Some Hamilternatives!

“Reality Disappoints Regularly” in Men and Apparitions

Lynne Tillman’s Latest Captures a Scourge of Modern Life

At Portland Playhouse, Scarlet Gives Hester Prynne a Voice

And a Song! Surprise! It's a Scarlet Letter Musical!

Submission Review: It’s Like Wonder Boys, Only Bad

I Submit That This Is Not a Very Good Movie

The Hollywood Theatre’s Feminist March Series Should Last a Whole Year

How Else Will We See All These Wonderful Movies?

Michelle McNamara Used True Crime for Good

Revisiting the I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Author’s Online Investigations

Sleep No More! Shaking the Tree’s Macbeth is Here!

A Satisfyingly Dark Vision of Shakespeare’s Blood-Soaked Tragedy

"Highlights" from Katie Roiphe's Slate "Interview"

Review: Michael Haneke’s Happy End Is a Predictable Slog

Just Because Something Is Depressing and in French Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

Roller Coasters, Emotional and Otherwise, in 2.5 Minute Ride

Profile Theatre’s New Season Begins with Lisa Kron’s Reflection on Family and Trauma

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool Review: Jamie Bell + Annette Bening 4-Ever

A Hollywood Tearjerker with a Subversive Twist

Lawyering Up with Guy Branum

The Comedian Discusses the Law, Broken Souls, and Rejecting Comedy’s Male-Dominated Power Structure

New Theater from Eleanor O'Brien and Nikki Weaver

How to Dispute a Parking Ticket

Yes, You Have to Go to Court. It’ll Be Fine.

Technology—Helping You to Help Yourself

Podcasts and More: The New Media of Personal Growth

Nathan Brannon Doesn’t Hold Back

The Minority Retort Headliner Crushes Trolls with Jokes

Fertile Ground’s Accessible Art Returns

Your Best Bets Include Rosa Luxemburg, Sexual Revolutions, and a New and Improved Uncle Vanya

Beyond The Americans

At Blue Sky Gallery, an Essential Look into the Life and Work of Photographer Robert Frank

Let's Discuss Daphne Merkin's Bad Take on #MeToo

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