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In Fascism Today, Winning the Fight Against White Supremacy

Shane Burley’s Prescription for Fascism: A Mass Movement Rooted in Antifa Solidarity, Not Separatism

New Column!

Apologies in Advance

What’s She Mad About Now?

Where the Republican Party Draws the Line

HRC Is Free

Why You Should Care About Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Second Act

“Can Anybody Help Out This Week?”

Six Days at the Pacific Northwest’s Regional Abortion Fund

Pick your Poison

Which is better: Being Harassed by a Democrat or Republican?

Echoes of the Klan

The History of the Ku Klux Klan in Oregon—and the Striking Similarities You May Recognize

More on Roy Moore's Sexual Assault Allegations

Blumenauer's PAC to Remove Anti-Cannabis Lawmakers

What’s She Mad About Now?

Papa John's Blames Kneeling Football Players for Slow Pizza Sales

What’s She Mad About Now?

The Death of Satire

Samantha Bee Has Some Choice Words for the Weinsteins of the World

One Day at a Time

This Week: A Whole Lot of EWWWWWW!

The Trump Administration Is Reversing Birth Control Protections

That Means Oregon’s New Health Equity Law Is More Important Than Ever

What’s She Mad About Now?

You Can Pull My Phone from My Cold, Dead Hands

Your Hillary Hate Is a Distraction. Please Do Better

What’s She Mad About Now?

How to Tell if You Accidentally Elected a Toddler to Run Your Federal Republic

Christian Pastor: Jesus Christ Is Basically Hitler

What’s She Mad About Now?

Does Your Neighborhood Have a Nazi Problem?

Let's Revisit the Definition of Domestic Terrorism

What’s She Mad About Now?

How to Put Together Your “Fire and Fury” Preparedness Kit

Just a Reminder That Abortion Isn't a Fringe Issue

Pets of the Trump Administration

That’s Weird... White House Employees Look Just Like Their Pets!

GOP'S "Skinny Repeal" in Danger Thanks to a "Pig in a Poke"? WHAT?

Parents of Boy Scouts are FURIOUS About Trump's Jamboree Speech

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