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Hall Monitor: The Earthquake Exemption

Should Building Owners Be Able to Duck Renter Relocation Payments While Performing Seismic Upgrades?

Hall Monitor: Investigate Sam Adams

New Allegations Against the Former Mayor Need to Be Investigated—No Matter What

A Presentation on Portland’s Racial Biases Has Officials Flipping

They’ve Gotten a Recording Scrubbed from the Web, and Say It’s Inaccurate

The Top Protest Cop Defends Rough Policing Tactics

But Complaints Keep Filing in and Lawsuits Loom

The City Relents, Releases the Names of Unionized Workers

Police Watchdog Failed to do His Job After the Larry O'Dea Shooting, Investigation Finds

Four Former Assistant Chiefs Are Held Blameless

Former Mayor Sam Adams Sexually Harassed a Staffer, New Complaint Says

Adams Denies It

The City’s Fighting to Shield Union Members’ Names from a Right-Wing Group

But Just Two Months Ago, Officials Said They Were Public Records

Hall Monitor: The Hirer Gets Fired?

Portland’s HR Director Just Resigned Abruptly. Her Replacement Was Picked Months Ago.

Loretta Smith is Raking in Cash for a City Council Run

Is She Allowed to Keep Her County Job While Campaigning?

In an Abrupt Move, the City's HR Director Is Resigning

ICE Agents Are Starting to Text Immigrant Targets

They’re Also Continuing Constitution-Violating Arrests

Hall Monitor: Danielle Outlaw Wants a Helper

Turns Out the Police Chief’s Been Planning a Big Change for Bureau Leadership.

Laundry Service and Restrooms Might Be Coming to Portland’s Homeless

As Ted Wheeler’s Frets About Spending, He’s Mulling Nearly $450,000 in New Cleanup Costs

A Thai Food Cart in SW Portland Caught Fire This Afternoon

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