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This is Why 2016 Has Been a Real Pain in the Ass

Military Sexual Assault Bill Dies in the Senate

Don't Be a Dick, Mike Huckabee

Don't Be a Dick, Supreme Court

Don't be a Dick, Victim Blamers

Don't Be a Dick, Rashida Jones

Don't Be a Dick, INTERNET

Don't Be a Dick, Anti-Feminists

Don't Be a Dick, Abortion Shamers

My Least Favorite Piece of Misogyny This Week: Russia

Roxane Gay on Gendered Trend Journalism

Font of Cogen/Manhas Documents Has Dried, For Now

Object Lessons: On Sexual Harassment and Loretta Smith

Re: Lindy West vs. Jim Norton

"You Were Probably Kind of Asking for the Holocaust"

The Week in Sex

This Week in Sex

Interview With the Lawyer Who Argued Roe v. Wade

Americans on Abortion: "Who Cares? Keep it Legal."

Let's Talk About 40 Murders.

Sexual Politics

Dreaded Violence

CA Court: It's Not Rape If You're Not Married

Sexual Politics

What Good Is Marriage?

The Wage Gap, in Easy Infographic Form

Things I Learned from a 1946 "Sex Hygiene" Manual

Can the Republican Party Become Less Bigoted?

Sexual Politics

The Pigheaded Perversion Files

Avenge Us, Uterus!

Sexual Politics

The Sexism Tax
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