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The Mercury’s Favorite Movies of 2017

Don’t Miss the Best, Funniest, and Weirdest Movies of the Year

We Saw Louis C.K.’s I Love You, Daddy. You Aren’t Missing Much.

A Review of Louis C.K.’s New, Unreleased Movie

TBA Review: EMA Delivers An Unfuckwithable Rock Set

Scenes From The Hollywood Transit Memorial

This Is All You Should Read Before You Go See Your Name

Millennial Tales of Terror: Smooth Exorcist

Bruce Nauman’s Humor and Meaning

Language Body: An Evocative Glimpse into the Artist’s Expansive Career

Equals: Romance... in the Future!

It Involves Breathing on Each Other.

Lisa Hanawalt's Lessons in Reverse-Centaur Appreciation

The Foodie Hijinks and Horse People of Hot Dog Taste Test

The Day We Thought Jeff Goldblum Died

It Was the Saddest Day in History

Inside the Dreams of a Japanese Trump Supporter

See What Emerges at Risk/Reward

The Festival of New Performance Takes on Identity and Diaspora

Lindy West, Slayer of Bullies

The Author of Shrill Heroically Melds Comedy with Feminism

Tube Tips for Summer Floating

Hit the River with Confidence

Allie Hankins' Art Machine

Stand-Up Meets Performance in Now Then

Straight to Video (Tonfa!)

Seven Years of Tim Goodyear's Movie Zine

The Hazy Nostalgia of Papa: Hemingway in Cuba.

This Movie Is Not Historically Accurate. It's Not Even Historically Considerate!

How to Design Week

An Illustrated Introduction to Design Week Portland

The Drug-Fueled Insanity of Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam

More Fascinating, Repulsive Comics from Simon Hanselmann

Sad Truckers and Newspaper Lifers in CoHo Productions' The Few

A 19-Year-Old Page Layout Technician is the Real Star of Sam Hunter's Play

My Father's Place Is (Almost) Always Open

Not Even Snow Can Stay This Bar from Its Appointed Round

Vision Quest's Adult Funnies

Did You Know Portland Has a Free Comics Newspaper?

Charles Bukowski, Dirtbag Boyfriend

If Someone Buys You On Love This Week, Dump 'Em!

Keeping Up with Lupe Fiasco

Familiarize Yourself with His Greatest Moments

From Catholics to Kerouac, the Life of Robert Lax

Michael N. McGregor's Pure Act Is a Contradictory Portrait of the Minimalist Poet
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