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Denny's Has Destroyed the Only Reason I Had Left to Live

Hobbit Nerds: The New Worst Nerds

Denny's Hobbit Breakfast 2013: A Retrospective

Who Wants to Go to Denny's with Me and Steve?

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Oh Yeah, Get Your Star Trek Right Up There In My Hobbit

Here's Your Hobbit Music, Nerds

Presenting The Hobbit in DEVASTATINGLY LIFELIKE 48 FPS

So The Hobbit Will Be Nine Hours Long

EEEEE! New Hobbit Trailer! EEEEEE!

Are You Fucking Kidding Me with These Hobbit 3D Glasses

There, and Back Again. And Again. And Once More.

There Will Now Be Six Hobbit Movies

This Hobbit Trailer Actually Exists.


Guillermo del Toro: Still Badass!

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