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Josephine County Blues

The Southern Oregon County Sued the State Over Cannabis Laws

Is Canada Taking Over Oregon Weed?

What All Those Canadian Dollars in Oregon’s Cannabis Industry Actually Mean

There’s One Reason Why Congress Isn’t Protecting State Cannabis Programs

And He's Up for Reelection This November

What’s Going on with US Territories and Weed?

A Look at Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and Other Territories

The Lawsuit Against Jeff Sessions

Five Plaintiffs Filed a Terrific Case Against Cannabis Prohibition

Checking in with Canadian Cannabis

Our Neighbors to the North Are Making Weed Legal in July

Legal Weed: Who Got Next?

These Five States Are Positioned to Legalize Weed This Year

Sorry, Jeff Sessions, But Legal Weed’s Not Going Anywhere

Although the Attorney General Ripped Up the Cole Memo, It’s Still Business as Usual

How Does the Rest of the World Feel About CBD?

A Preliminary Report from the World Health Organization Suggests Good Things

Are There Too Many Weed Licenses Nowadays?

And Is the State Going to Do Anything to Prevent Oversaturation?

Marketing CBD’s Medical Benefits Is a No-Go, Unfortunately

Oregon and Federal Laws Prevent Makers from Touting Them

Is Jeff Sessions Easing Up on Weed?

A Statement Last Week Suggests the Attorney General Might Be Throwing in the Towel

Can Medical Cannabis Cardholders Own Guns?

Per the Feds, Alcohol’s Fine, But Weed’s a Different Story

Can Section 8 Tenants Be Evicted for Smoking Weed?

Classic Lawyer Answer: It Depends

Who’s in Charge of Federal Weed Policy Right Now?

Two of the Three Most Important Positions Are Empty

What Happens When a Pot Business Fails?

Without the Option of Bankruptcy, Things Can Get Messy

The House Rules Committee Just Did... What, Exactly?

We Explain What the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment’s Vote-Block Means

A Local Attorney Is Suing Big Pharma

Opioids, Not Pot, Are Causing Our “Historic Drug Epidemic”

What’s the Deal with Doctors Not Being Able to Prescribe Weed?

And How Are Patients Getting Their Medical Cards?

Jeff Sessions Really Had a Bad Week

A Bi-Partisan Group of Senators Stuck It to Our “Beleaguered” Attorney General

What Are the Risks in Investing in a Pot Startup?

Federal Law May Not Be Your Biggest Hurdle

Cannabis Craziness in California

The Golden State Is Scrambling for a State Licensing Deadline

Could the Cannabis Biz Get Bogged Down with Racketeering Charges?

An Ongoing Lawsuit in Colorado Is Raising Questions

What If the Feds Prosecute Cannabis Businesses?

Jury Nullification Might Save the Day

Are You Paying Too Much Tax on Your Weed?

Not Necessarily, and You Might Be About to Pay More

Wine Growers vs. Weed Growers

McMinnville-Area Vineyard Owners Don’t Like the Smell

Just How Terrible Will Trump’s New Drug Czar Be?

His Name’s Tom Marino, and Pretty Terrible

Weed from Warm Springs May Be on the Way

Oregon Tribes Hope to Enter the Cannabis Market

Why Is There Still a Huge Black Market for Weed in Oregon?

Weed’s Legal Now. What Gives?

Has Anybody Been Worse for Weed Than Jeff Sessions?

Believe It or Not, This Guy Was

Fact Checking the DEA

The ASA Forced the DEA to Correct Its Bad Pot Info

CBD Isn’t Federally Legal... or Is It?

The Beneficial Cannabis Compound’s Current Legal Status Is Confusing

Possible New Pot Laws for Oregon in 2017

What New Legislation is on Oregon’s Docket?

Grass and the Gridiron

Can NFL Players Use Weed to Treat Injuries?

Is It a Good Idea to Bring Your Stash on the Road?

Idaho Doesn’t Care If You Purchased Your Weed Legally

Can Obama Change Weed Law Before Leaving Office?

Unfortunately, a Hail Mary Is Unlikely

Could Trump’s Attorney General Nominee Make Legal Weed Go Away?

Rolling Back Legalization Seems Unlikely, But Only Time Will Tell

The Tests for Driving While Stoned Aren’t Perfect Yet

A Magic Breathalyzer for Cannabis Doesn’t Exist

How Popular Is Weed These Days?

Weed Is Handily Outpolling Our Presidential Candidates

Weed on Election Day

Five More States Could Legalize Recreation Weed This Election Day

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Growing Your Own

What You Need to Know

Ask a Pot Lawyer: A Deadline Looms for Pot Businesses

Packaging Regulations Take Effect October 1

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Blue Ribbon Pot

Did the Oregon State Fair Award a Prize for Pot?

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Hot Federal Weed Law Action!

No Rescheduling Cannabis, But Plenty of Other Activity

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Weed Fraud at a Portland Dispensary

Of Pot, Felons, and Duped Canadians

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Can I Make a Weed Ad?

You Can Make a Pot Commercial, But There Are Hoops to Jump Through

Ask a Pot Lawyer: CBD Pet Treats Are a Thing?

Yep, They Are.

Ask a Pot Lawyer: How to Get Your Weed Worker Permit

It’s Not Hard, But You’ll Need to Study Up—and Pony Up

Ask a Pot Lawyer: California's Pot Initiative

Is That State’s Brand-New Cannabis Initiative Any Good?
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