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Why "Stripping" Trumps "Education"

"I Resolved to Become a Stripper or Kill Myself"

An Excerpt from the New Book Magic Gardens (The Memoirs of Viva Las Vegas)

Employee of the Week

Courtney Hermon-Taylor


The Girl with No Clothes On

Employee of The Week

Tommy Allen
Horse Whisperer/Cowboy
Sauvie Island and Ellensburg, Washington

Beware the Tornado

Scared of Chaka are Worth the Risk

Employee of The Week

Cordelia Elsewhere

Employee of The Week

Ameena Lacey

Sales and Marketing

Milwaukie, OR

Employee of the Week

Lulu Sharpe

Lulu's Chocolates

Abby Sherrill

Assistant Brewer
Lucky Labrador Brewing Company

Employee of the Week

Jake Gill

Shoe Shine

Evelyn Weston

Operations Manager
Photobooth Services
Photobooth Services

David Chelsea

Commercial Artist for various publications, including the New York Times and the New York Observer

Sugar High

The Soda Pop Kids' Perfect Pop

Amanda DeMann

New Seasons Market

Tony Mengis

East End
203 SE Grand

Matt Halperin

Command Pilot
Columbia Helicopters

Christy Noelle Desko


Employee of the Week

Noah Kort


Shari L. Jay

Natural Resource Specialist

Tommy Thayer

Grand Marshall
Beaverton Celebration Parade

Peter Stephen Parson

Corn Cop & Haunter

Kara Steffek

Ice Cream Girl
Portland Ice Cream Company

Mitch Wilson & Dennis Dillon

Volvo Mechanics
Alamo Automotive

6901 NE Glisan

Mary E. Gregor

Landscape Designer, Plant Sales, Fairy Gardener

Tom Barnett

Owner of Agraventure Farms, LLC and General Manager of Keystone Fruit Marketing, Inc.
Walla Walla, WA

Elias Comfort McConnell

Value Village

Employee of the Week

Kimberly Crowell

Employee of the Week

Sasha Clapper

Employee of the Week

Employee of the Week

Beth Hansen

Employee of the Week

Heather Tatum from Dots
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