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I, Anonymous Classic: I Heart Your Filthy Socks

Today on Craigslist: Anybody Need Any Haunted Nightmare Bones?

Lars Larson and His Listeners are TERRIFIED of Pacific Northwest!

Reader Poll: Pick the Mercury's New Mascot!

Christian Pastor: Jesus Christ Is Basically Hitler

The Cutest Pet in Portland Is... Johnny the Pig!

Cutest Pet Photo Contest Final Vote: Sora vs. Johnny

Cutest Pet Photo Contest: Samwise vs. Bun Bun and Joy vs. Johnny

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I, Anonymous Classic: Spank You Very Much

I, Anonymous Classic: Your Casa is My Casa

The Best Parts of Trump's Trainwreck AP Interview

I, Anonymous Classic: Dear Clowns of Portland

Will Your I, Anonymous Be Read at the I, Anonymous Show?

I, Anonymous Classic: I'll Fix Your Little Red Wagon

Pepsi Just Eliminated Police Brutality!

I, Anonymous Classic: Shavings of Me

Corey Feldman and His Angels Are Coming to Portland

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