Jun 24, 2010 at 4:00 am

The Search for the Perfect Taco Resumes


What about the ubiquitous "tamales?" lady. She should factor in to your story.
here here, Id like to know the story about the tamale lady/ladies. I have one who scoots by my office in NE once or twice a week with her blue cooler, but Id love to know what the story is - is this a big operation? Does she really make them in her kitchen as I imagine? Why one time did my pork tamales taste of cigarettes? Inquiring minds want to know. Get to work!
POR EL TORO MANG !!!!! Tamales are truly out of your enduction con-function....mang.
Really? you're really doing a story on tacos and not including Los Gorditas on 50th and Division? Shame on you! You went to two parking lots each conveniently containing two trucks. Way to make an effort Patrick! I hope your editor is as disappointed with your story as I was. I demand another taco truck article; not written by you!
I'm new to Portland, and really excited about trying out all of these taco places. Will this be a series of columns written by you? A taco quest, perhaps? Looking forward to seeing more and trying out your recommendations. Thanks for this!

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