Apr 16, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Taqueria Nueve Is Reborn—And This Baby's Good


Andrea Damewood is a heckuva writer. But she's also a fantastic reporter. I don't know if her working on the restaurant beat is her choice or the Merc's; But if it's the latter, please don't waste her prodigious talents there. I was a huge fan of her work on That Other Weekly (the one that employs the odious subpar likes of Cizmar, Brown, etc.). Please, if she wants to... let her do journalism here.
You were off to a good start Andrea, but the last two reviews have been snoozers. Also, I have no interest in eating fancy Mexican. Not now, not ever. Nor should anyone else.
Hey Aunti,

You are correct, Andrea IS a heckuva writer, and a heckuva reporter—which makes her the perfect choice to be our primary food critic. She did choose to write about food for us because that is where her passions lie... and it shows. But lucky for all of us, she has razor-sharp, no-bullshit reporting skills to back it up—which makes her a double threat on the ever expanding Portland food scene. We take food reporting very seriously here at the Mercury, and we hope hiring Andrea (who has been doing a fantastic job) proves it.

Yer pal,

p.s. Gza1340's opinion is stupid and worthless, which is why he should never be hired anywhere.
Well I'm glad Andrea is the food critic and you're not, Gza, because that's a dumbass opinion. Hey, why get the Le Pigeon burger when you can get a burger at Wendy's for $1.29? BECAUSE IT'S BETTER. Better quality of ingredients and a unique flavor combination is what you pay for in "fancy Mexican" just like fancy any other type of food. Shit, what are you doing at Nostrana or Genoa? Don't you know Pastini's just down the street and half the price? Andrea, can you please just stick to reviewed rice-and-beans burritos from now on? Thanks.
My point is that "fancy" and "Mexican food" are two things that should not come together. I can hit up any number of Mexican places around town and get better food for less than places such as this or any other that tries to present upscale Mexican food. I've never been here, so maybe this is not one of those places, but in general with Mexican food you kind of know what you're gonna get. I don't need anyone to review it for me. There are places in town doing far more interesting things that deserve Andrea's attention more than places like this.

P.S. I don't need to be hired. I'm living the dream, so go fuck yourself.
@ Gza1340

You sound like the type of person who would be much happier reading a certain type of food review. Here, let me Google that for you... http://bit.ly/1tnfTiN
I'm interested in reading food reviews about places that aren't totally boring and that I would never go to like this and the Portuguese place. The first few places Andrea reviewed were a lot more interesting.

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