Aug 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Stammtisch Serves Well-Executed German Fare and a Beautiful Beer List


Who'd be nuts enough to pay $4.25 for a 10 oz. beer? At that rate a pint would cost $6.75. Food sounds great so I'll check this place out. I'll stick with the water.
re: Stammtisch review (8/20/14): in ¶2 of the review, ten (10), in German, is zehn. "Zhen," as it's printed, may refer to:

Town (China), zhen in Chinese
Zhen (surname), a Chinese surname
Balhae Kingdom, originally called Zhen (振) in Chinese

(or so says Wikipedia). don't know whose spelling error this is, but it stuck out, sort of like the Loreleifelsen in the middle of the Rhine).

pedantically yours,

michael rose

ps -- Ben Meyer, at Old Salt, makes really good bratwurst and weisswurst -- worth trying if you haven't yet.
"Zehn," not "zhen." As far as who'd be nuts enough to pay $4.25 for a 0.3l beer ... lots of us. That's not that high of a price. Go down to the Mikkeller Bar in San Francisco to see what an expensive beer really looks like.
If I must be totally honest, I am absolute crap at German spellings and had to re-read this three times to confirm I spelled Stammtisch right every time I used it! Thanks for the catch; I'll fix it online.

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