Love the Yelper from New York getting all loud at Backyard Social, but likely wouldn't walk through Bushwick without a police escort.


I seriously am so fucking sick of white people (and I am white). Fuck all of you. The white skin on your ass does not make you special and the systemic racism and white supremacist bullshit in this state and in this country is OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL. FFS when are people going to stop with this insane bullshit? If you believe the white skin on your ass makes you special or more important than other human beings you are DELUSIONAL, DERANGED, AND DANGEROUS. PERIOD. And you know what is done with such animals? They get put down. #ENOUGH


@1 Bushwick is fully gentrified and very white now.


@1 I correct myself - it is mostly Hispanic, with white people now making up the 2nd largest demographic.


Just curious though - whether or not anyone thinks it's "fair" or not - is this legal? "White people were asked to not attend" - but were they barred from entering? Because I think that goes against anti-discrimination laws. You can't exclude people based on their skin color.


Just to clarify, there was no physical attack? Still scary AF.
Holy shit I'd never actually seen a full Tucker Carlson piece before. His facial expressions are insane. Either slack jawed and dumbfounded or passive aggressively loud laughing. Is he really drunk? Or just a fucking idiot? Both? He reminds me of the type of blue blood twat that probably went to Yale as a legacy and never actually worked in his life. It's genuinely scary that anyone thinks this douche is intelligent or offers anything meaningful to say. O'Reilly at least displayed some cognitive ability, and Beck is at least a good actor and showman. This is where FOX is now?
If you didn't know that Bushwick has been a latino neighborhood since forever (though there were pockets of Italians and Jews before then, but they don't count?), I sincerely doubt your NY creds.


I applaud Backyard Social for hosting this. But as usual, poorly written half editorial/screed, Alex. You really could have eliminated about half of it, and had a decent article. Never miss an invitation to scold: how else will we all be forced to acknowledge your inherent goodness?


@rich bachelor Alex is consistently the worst and most painful writer to read here at the 'Merc. Preening and faux-edgy with horrible flow. Good snark is fun to read. Alex falls flat every time.

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