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• In case you missed it, Portland Police has finally released a modicum of info about last Saturday's deadly shooting of a man by an officer/officers.  According to an updated press release, Jaquez Clark-Johnson was the man killed, though little else is known other than he was driving a car that fit the description used in a robbery. We also don't know what happened after officers "attempted to contact" the man before the shooting began. Oh, and once again the police have not released the name of the officer/officers who killed Clark-Johnson, even though they are required to by city regulations. In short, business as usual!

• Thanks to a frightening surge in RSV cases, OHSU and Randall Children's Hospital are taking drastic steps to free up pediatric beds—including turning away teenagers in mental health crises.

• Today in why one should think twice about looking inside a random, roadside backpack: "Human skull in backpack found by corrections work crew near I-5 north of Salem."

• In the weather, expect rain to develop today with a mostly cloudy day tomorrow, and the occasional showery-shower on Sunday!


• According to police, the Virginia Walmart shooter who killed six of his fellow employees wrote a "death note" blaming Satan for what he did, and—notably— he bought his deadly weapon on the day of the shooting.

• The scrappy, young United States team is taking on powerhouse England today in the World Cup, starting at 11 am this morning. GOOOOOOOOAL!

• After a hilarious botched attempt to charge people for their Twitter verification checkmark, "World's Best Boss" Elon Musk is launching a second sure-to-be-botched attempt next week... which will include different colored checkmarks. (Oh, and people who have been suspended due to hate talk and bigotry are now being welcomed back to the site. So, that'll be fun.)

• Adidas is launching an investigation into accusations that former collaborator Kanye West sexually harassed employees and also used (surprise) antisemitic language.

• And finally... if you're flying back to Portland today, I hope your family is treating you like this: