Artsy Nov 4, 2010 at 12:54 pm


So... how's she going to masturbate?
Yes, inquiring minds want to know!
The pertinent creepy question is not how, but when.
this has been done so many times. big fucking deal, lame.
@jamdox Comment of the Week!

This is the type of thing that makes me embarrassed to say I'm from Portland: trite conceptual art.
@ boxcar, the thing about culture is that there is constantly a new audience coming of age that may be receptive to a similar message in an updated form.

In other words, art's purpose isn't to say everything once (and directly to you in particular) and then shut up for eternity.

For instance, you think there haven't been naysaying dickholes complaining about their utter boredom on the internet before?

I'd say that's been done to death, but see my first sentence.
Also, just to add, it'd be creepy and noisy as fuck to sleep out in the open there. She gets points for having the balls to do it in my book.

Also, pretty lame to immedietly jump to sexualizing the artist, since she's a girl. But whatever.

Otherwise I have mixed feelings. The statement is pretty weak, but the implementation seems pretty cool.
I'm not impressed until she crucifies herself on a Volkswagen.
this has been done so many times. big fucking deal, lame.

When? The social media angle is new... your 'this is lame' attitude is anything but. Lemme guess, you *could* get a month-long exhibit anywhere but won't, because the whole art world is just too lame?
I'm not impressed till she hands someone in the audience and tells them to shoot someone.
i'd make it a point to go see that if there were some kitties in there
You know she's 26 days away from a $300k book deal advance. I hate the 21st Century.
jamdox,masterbate is the first thing that comes to mind for you,why don't change that doctor whitejam. 30 days in a box you'd be sooo stuck to yourself.
I know the project is about isolation, but could you imagine a family of four inside that box. Isolated from the world with only your children and partner to talk to. The first 2 weeks might be great...but by week 3 I would be clawing at the windows for someone to let me out!

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