Great guide, great show. Keep it up!
Thank you for writing this!
Pro-tip: The speakers they have a pathetically weedy. Probably about a hundred people who were sat near the back (beyond the path) gave up and went home halfway through. Especially with the traffic noise from the bridge. Now it's moved parks it's much easier to see what's going on, but harder to hear.
So many people are afraid of big bad North Portland! It was great.
Can't wait!!!!!!!!! True story: the only actor/celebrity/public figure I have ever asked for a picture with (while turning bright red) was the guy who played Khan. I think he might have been as embarrassed as I was. It was worth it.
more speakers need to be added up on the hill so everyone can hear, other then that it was very cool! we had the dog jump on stage to protect kirk from the knife wielding alien, it was hilarious and kirk did a great ad lib with this.

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