Artsy Nov 8, 2012 at 11:14 am


Looks nice. I like the illos, and the navigaish up top.

p.s. do you miss Hawaii?
That looks pretty sharp, and the new issue's cover is gorgeous.
Love the new look and illustrations, and ten points for use of "melted velvet tiger jizz."
Melted velvet tiger jizz! Melted velvet tiger jizz! MELTED VELVET TIGER JIZZ!
I'm sure it's fun to change things. My main beef is that the comics page is screwed up. "I, Anonymous" and Karmel's new column are in a microscopic font which couldn't state more clearly "If you're older than 27, don't even try reading this."

Finally, I have nothing against Ian, but why have him displace ArtHole? That gave local photogs and artists a hope of getting their work in the Merc. Just as Obama gets reelected, it's not the time to get all elitist on our collective ass. BRING BACK ARTHOLE!
Todd: how many times were you featured in ArtHole?
Art Hole which evolved from the Phart Chart which evolved from the Photo Lottery isn't gone. It's getting redesigned. I won't say much more about it untill it's ready, but the redesign will connect Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and of course Flickr in a velvet tiger jizzly smooth way.
Ann Romano hasn't changed her hairstyle in years. Kip must be a fan of side parts, I guess.
To answer your question about Hawaii ROM: Hell Yes! I would be surfing in warm water right now. But Portland is my home.
A few times, ROM. I haven't been submitting many photos in recent months, but I still enjoyed seeing what other people came up with.

Thanks, Scrappers. Didn't mean to sound so demanding there. Guess I'm still in election mode.
Some fucking navigation bar. The links are all broken.
definitely missing the arthole. and what's the reason for the move to wednesdays? I'm in favor of it, just curious.

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