Checking in with Canadian Cannabis

Our Neighbors to the North Are Making Weed Legal in July


"Almost there?" The corrupt CDN Licensed Producer (LPs) industry is over-valued (using very questionable accounting methods, such as "guessing" what a plant is worth--is it $9,000 or is it $90,000?--and factoring that into the company's net worth) and over-supplied (just look what happened to over-supplied Oregon, where MJ per-gram prices have dropped to $0.11!!!). The CDN government is dragging its feet, not even bothering to monitor the LPs--would it kill them to tie external audits, and forensic valuation to licensing? And every province is pretty much kvetching that "it won't be ready" for July's very imaginary legalization date.

The real problem is, we're legalizing because people are going to consume MJ whether it is legal or not, so why not make it accessible and safe? But by blowing the entire scheme before it even gets out of the gate, you make it LESS accessible, and nobody likes the weed that you can't get.

And then lying to the public that you're regulating it because "gangs" and the "black market" currently profit from MJ doesn't help, esp. when you're engaging in a blatant cash-grab and every ex-cop and ex-politician now works for LPs or is heavily invested in them. The hypocrisy doesn't convince ANYONE!

But don't worry: dissent may soon be illegal in Canada. Our "legal weed" laws, C-45, C-46, and Ontario's Bill 174 are clear violations of Canada's constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. C-45 provides for civil forfeiture without a conviction. The risks this poses to CDNs are astonishing, but when you combine them with C-46's provisions to stop/search/seize vehicles/persons, we're into real security state surveillance BS not seen since Stalin's time! And 174's provisions for CCTV cameras on school buses to monitor students' compliance with the law is plain sick!

But so will CDN consumers of MMJ, since LPs have been caught spraying banned chemicals on Medical MJ, such as myclobutanil, which turns to hydrogen cyanide when burned. And doesn't really help folks recovering from chemo, since it makes them more ill.