Greetings, fellow stargazers and astronomy nerds, it's time to start your space boners! Hot on the heels of the discovery two weeks ago of the biggest thing ever deep in the void of outer-est space, a new and exciting astronomical development has occurred closer to home: on the surface of our very own sun. It seems that the sun has emitted a gigantic bubble of energy—what less scholarly minded online publications such as Gawker and Discover are childishly referring to as a "burp"—and you can see it in the video above from

This fart of energy took place on Sunday and is rapidly making its way to Earth. It's not due to arrive until this evening, and is theorized to take the form of aurora in the night sky for observers in high latitudes. In other words, there may be some very cool lights in the sky tonight, and hopefully we are far enough north to see them.

ht: Gawker, Discover