Andrea Damewood

Andrea Damewood

Andrea Damewood is a food writer and restaurant critic. Her interests include noodle soups, fried chicken, and sparkles.

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Ten Years of Food Reviews (and One Apology)

Portland food critic Andrea Damewood revisits three restaurants and one food cart that have deliciously endured.

(Portland Chefs) Say Nice Things About… Portland Chefs

Portland’s premier restaurant and cart owners hype up the local food and chefs they love!

L'Orange Culinary Delights Linger on the Mind

It’s French, it’s Pacific Northwest, it’s a little bit Mediterranean, and it’s probably my favorite new restaurant.

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:06 AM

“It’s Over. Check, Please!”

Portland’s Best Restaurants and Bars for Kicking Your Lover to the Curb

Food and Drink Dec 27 12:00 PM

Best Bites From Portland Restaurants (and Pop-Ups) in 2023

On the list: chocolate truffle dumplings, Tuna Toast you could share (but you won't), and a French onion soup that lives rent free in our heads.

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Food and Drink Dec 19 12:00 PM

At Xin Ding Dumplings Are the Star

The crispy potstickers, soupy xiao long bao, and handmade noodles of Chef Leon Liu brought dim sum back to Old Town Chinatown.

Holiday Guide 2023 Nov 15 4:10 AM

Gifts for Those Who Love to Eat!

Everyone likes food, and here are some local shops that should be on every culinary gift giver’s list.

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Fall Arts 2023 Sep 6 3:56 AM

Making Matta Moves

Chef Richard Văn Lê closed his cart, and moved into restaurant collective Lil’ Dame.

Food and Drink Jul 11 10:00 AM

Order Everything on the Menu at Pastificio d'Oro

Chase Dopson and Maggie Irwin’s capable hands rolled Pastificio d'Oro into a new St. John’s landmark.

Say Nice Things About... the Portland Food Scene!

Food cart pods, old standbys, and eateries that support our city’s sex workers.

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Food and Drink May 9 2:45 PM

Food Review: Janken Is the Most Un-Portlandy Restaurant Possible

There's only one place in Portland you could be served maguro tuna, foie gras, and truffle nigiri beneath a blossoming cherry tree.

Food and Drink Jan 31 12:17 PM

Food Review: Street Disco Went from a Pop-Up to a Brick-and-Mortar Success

Items on the Foster-Powell restaurant's ever-changing menu disappear faster than a bag of coke at Studio 54.

Food and Drink Dec 27 1:29 PM

Best Bites from Portland Chefs and Restaurants in 2022

Mercury food critic Andrea Damewood on the best sides, desserts, prix fixe courses, and other delights she tasted this year.

Food and Drink Aug 4 12:00 PM

Ode to the Tomato Season BLT

Virgina is for lovers, August is for tomatoes, and the summer's BLT specials have hit the board.