Abe Asher

Abe Asher

Abe Asher covers city news, politics, and soccer for the Portland Mercury. His reporting has appeared in The Nation, VICE News, Sahan Journal, and other outlets.

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May Primary Will Test Portlanders’ Tolerance For Outside Spending On Local Elections

Portland voters have tried to get big money out of local politics for years, but it has poured into Congressional races this spring.

What Multnomah County Voters Could Learn From Others Who Ousted Progressive DAs

Voters’ fears over crime and safety often fuel election outcomes. Evidence shows prosecutors have little impact on crime rates.

Measure 110 Was Short-Lived in Oregon, but Its Legacy Could Live on Elsewhere

Oregon has long been on the cutting edge of drug policy, but the latest effort fell victim to state-level stumbles and misinformation.

Sports Apr 16 5:37 PM

Mike Norris Out as Portland Thorns Coach in Staff Shakeup

Norris will become the club’s technical director; General Manager Karina LeBlanc promises “global search” for new head coach.

News Mar 7 12:45 PM

Grab-and-Go Food and Beverage Kiosks at the Moda Center Spark OLCC Inquiry

Stores using Amazon technology to sell self-service alcohol are trying to comply with state laws. One employee says it’s not going well.

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News Feb 28 1:15 PM

Update: Multnomah County Animal Services Clarifies its Euthanasia Practices Following Policy Changes and Questions

Amid long-standing capacity limitations and a lengthy list of audit recommendations, some say the county's animal shelter problems reflect broader government dysfunction.

Timbers Feb 22 3:16 PM

Will the Timbers Show Up? A 2024 Season Preview

Will the mistakes of last season continue to haunt the Timbers? And is it a new day for the Thorns?

News Feb 1 1:40 PM

Rene Gonzalez Holds Sizable Fundraising Lead in Portland Mayor’s Race

With the city's Small Donor Elections program facing a budget shortfall, campaigns may have to adjust their strategy ahead of a pivotal election.

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News Dec 20 8:43 AM

From Portugal to Portland: How Drug Decriminalization is Playing Out in Two Different Countries

A recent trip by lawmakers, police and other leaders provided insight into what it takes to treat drug use as a health issue

Holiday Guide 2023 Nov 15 3:57 AM

The Terrorism Trap

In 2010, a young Portlander attempted to detonate a bomb at the annual Portland Christmas tree lighting. Was he a burgeoning terrorist or just a disturbed kid entrapped by the FBI?

Police Oversight Nov 8 4:23 PM

City Council Approves Independent Monitor to Watch Over Cops

The monitor will determine if Portland Police remain compliant with the DOJ’s demands regarding the bureau’s excessive use of force.

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Timbers Nov 6 7:32 PM

With Phil Neville, Timbers Make Controversial Pick for New Manager

The choice of Neville as the Timbers’ newest head coach is another finger in the eye for fans.

News Nov 3 7:20 AM

Portland’s Palestinian Diaspora Says Gaza is ‘More Than Its Suffering’

With Gaza under assault, local Palestinians reflect on the cycle of displacement that’s now preventing some residents from fleeing their war-torn homes

News Oct 27 11:08 AM

Portland Jewish Activists Rally for Cease-Fire in Gaza

As Oregon’s elected leaders convey steadfast support for Israel, protests highlight civilian casualties.

News Sep 19 3:00 PM

New Oregon Law Requires Transparency From OHSU About Its Primate Research Center

After years of mishaps and notable animal deaths, new legislation aims to give the public more insight into a federally-funded testing site.

News Aug 29 8:02 AM

Unionized Burgerville Workers Say Company is Illegally Retaliating Against Organizers

Union says contract negotiations with management have stalled, noting a recent one-day strike saw temporary workers hired at higher wages than permanent staff

Sports Aug 22 7:22 AM

Portland Timbers Fire Head Coach Giovanni Savarese

Savarese leaves a club lacking both character and direction.

News Aug 15 8:07 AM

No Money, No Justice: How Oregon's Refusal to Fairly Pay Court Experts Caused a Public Defense Crisis

Without public defense resources, attorneys say innocent people without financial means lack proper legal representation