Abe Asher

Abe Asher

Abe Asher covers city news, politics, and soccer for the Portland Mercury. His reporting has appeared in The Nation, VICE News, Sahan Journal, and other outlets.

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State Finds Portland Public Schools Wasn’t at Fault For Bus Driver Who Espoused Religious Views to Students

Parent expresses frustration over school district’s push for the driver to remain on his route, despite prior incidents

Nonprofits Say Social Service Workers Are Dangerously Close To Needing Services They’re Paid To Provide

Community organizations call on city, counties to build better wages into nonprofit contracts.

Say Nice Things About… Portland Sports!

“Portland isn’t a good sports town”? We beg to differ.

News May 15 12:49 PM

Democratic Lawmakers Are Advancing a Domestic Terrorism Bill That Some Say Is Ripe for Abuse

HB 2772 was crafted to punish extremist attacks, but activists worry it will be used to target climate and racial justice protesters.

News May 11 3:27 PM

Portland Parent Says Public School Bus Driver Encouraged Prayer, Religious Singing

Oregon’s education agency warns district could lose funding if religious activity took place on Faubion School route.

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Homeless May 10 3:20 PM

Unhoused and Unaided

Despite ADA laws, Portland-area shelters struggle to accommodate people with disabilities.

News Apr 27 4:42 PM

OMSI Employees Push For Living Wage As Museum Plans Massive Expansion

Staff say unionization isn’t off the table, but diversity of staff positions, rate of turnover present challenges for organizers

News Apr 11 1:00 PM

Progressives Fear Portland NAACP’s New Leadership Is Backing Away from Social Justice

A forced resignation and controversial management have cast doubt on the organization’s agenda.

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News Apr 7 2:16 PM

Downtown Starbucks Workers Say Company Used Illegal Tactics to Thwart Unionization

Critics say corporation’s attempts to capitalize on labor agency’s backlog have had a chilling effect on union organizing.

News Mar 13 1:00 PM

Climate Change and the Housing Crisis are Burdening Portland’s Emergency Shelter System

Emergency officials say the only true solution is housing.

parks Mar 10 12:45 PM

Luxury Business vs. Public Use: The Battle for Portland’s Historic O’Bryant Square

Can the public plaza find common ground between social services and business interests?

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Coronavirus Mar 3 10:52 AM

Oregon to End Healthcare Mask Requirement April 3

The announcement comes as the US moves to end the COVID-19 emergency declaration.

Timbers Feb 24 10:00 AM

Timbers 2023 Season Preview: What You Can Expect On the Field… and Off

The Timbers kickoff their thirteenth season Monday night.

Coronavirus Feb 23 11:30 AM

Oregon’s Possible Removal of COVID Precautions Prompts Mixed Reactions

Despite the continued spread of COVID, health officials say rolling back pandemic safety measures is necessary to preserve public trust in emergency situations.

Politics Feb 20 11:00 AM

Candidate School Eyes Progressive Takeover of Portland City Council

Former mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone wants progressives to seize new council seats in 2025.

Homeless Feb 16 8:00 AM

At Least 193 Homeless People Died in Multnomah County in 2021

It’s the highest number of houseless deaths ever recorded in a single year in Multnomah County since data collection began in 2011.

News Feb 13 11:00 AM

Oregon Lawmakers Aim to Expand Voting Rights to Incarcerated Oregonians—For The Third Time

State legislators believe their chances of success are better than ever.

Coronavirus Feb 9 1:11 PM

Oregon Health Officials Optimistic about the Decline of COVID, Flu, and RSV

Despite the decline in respiratory illnesses, hospitals remain at or near capacity.