Abe Asher

Abe Asher

Abe Asher covers city news, politics, and soccer for the Portland Mercury. His reporting has appeared in The Nation, VICE News, Sahan Journal, and other outlets.
Sports Aug 22 7:22 AM

Portland Timbers Fire Head Coach Giovanni Savarese

Savarese leaves a club lacking both character and direction.

News Aug 15 8:07 AM

No Money, No Justice: How Oregon's Refusal to Fairly Pay Court Experts Caused a Public Defense Crisis

Without public defense resources, attorneys say innocent people without financial means lack proper legal representation

News Aug 10 4:22 PM

Nurses at OHSU Say Hospital Has Ignored Critical Safety Gaps

As threats, shootings at hospitals increase, workers at Oregon’s largest health organization cite spotty safety measures.

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LGBTQIA+ Jul 31 8:00 AM

Protests and Threats Cast a Pall Over Oregon Pride Celebrations

Some see Oregon as a haven for queer rights, but emboldened anti-LGBTQ+ harassment ruined quite a few Pride events in 2023.

News Jul 28 3:25 PM

As WNBA Eyes Expansion, Supporters Push For Portland To Be the New Face of Women’s Basketball

Portland’s previous WNBA team folded. Can the Rose City’s ardent sports fans convince the right buyer to take the leap?

News Jul 14 1:50 PM

OHSU Nurses Prepare For Possible Labor Strike

Health care workers say hospitals have failed to address chronic staffing issues, leading to strikes not seen in decades.

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News Jun 19 4:56 PM

Providence Nurses Strike Over Low Pay, Benefits

During the first health care strike in more than 20 years, Portland and Seaside hospitals are relying on temporary and traveling staff.

News Jun 14 3:01 PM

As Republican Lawmakers Continue to Skip Work, House Democrats Want Oregon’s Quorum Rules Changed

Resolution proposes changing state’s Constitution to require simple majority for legislative votes, as a previous measure to punish lawmakers for walkouts faces legal challenges.

News Jun 13 3:45 PM

Portland School District Considers Bringing Back Cops —At a Distance

Pilot program aims to restore Portland Public Schools' relationship with police, after shootings near campuses earlier this year.

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News May 30 4:53 PM

State Finds Portland Public Schools Wasn’t at Fault For Bus Driver Who Espoused Religious Views to Students

Parent expresses frustration over school district’s push for the driver to remain on his route, despite prior incidents

News May 29 8:00 AM

Nonprofits Say Social Service Workers Are Dangerously Close To Needing Services They’re Paid To Provide

Community organizations call on city, counties to build better wages into nonprofit contracts.

Say Nice Things About… Portland Sports!

“Portland isn’t a good sports town”? We beg to differ.

News May 15 12:49 PM

Democratic Lawmakers Are Advancing a Domestic Terrorism Bill That Some Say Is Ripe for Abuse

HB 2772 was crafted to punish extremist attacks, but activists worry it will be used to target climate and racial justice protesters.

News May 11 3:27 PM

Portland Parent Says Public School Bus Driver Encouraged Prayer, Religious Singing

Oregon’s education agency warns district could lose funding if religious activity took place on Faubion School route.

Homeless May 10 3:20 PM

Unhoused and Unaided

Despite ADA laws, Portland-area shelters struggle to accommodate people with disabilities.