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Opinion May 6 3:23 PM

Mercury Endorsement: Re-Elect Mike Schmidt for Multnomah County District Attorney

Don't believe the conservative cynics who blame Schmidt for Portland's problems.

The Mercury's Endorsements for the May 2024 Primary Election!

Grab your ballot, and let's get to VOTING. (Don't worry... we've got you!)

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News May 5 7:06 PM

Vote Quick 'n' Easy with the Mercury's May 2023 Endorsements CHEAT SHEET!

No time? No problem! All the Mercury's endorsements for the May 16 election are right here.

News May 5 4:41 PM

The Mercury's 2023 May Election Endorsements

It's a small—but mighty—election. So grab your ballot and vote along with the Mercury!

Election 2022 Nov 8 7:00 PM

Welcome to the Mercury's 2022 General Election Night Live Blog!

Election night party gossip, the latest results, and lots and lots of the smartassery you love! โค๏ธ