Frank Bures

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Pure Klingon

Or, What to Do When You're an Interstellar Villain Trapped in a Puny Human's Body

Fertilized By Belief

Clyde Lewis Wants to Believe in Crop Circles. But What If the Nothing is Out There?

News Jun 27 4:00 AM

The Dreamo of Extremo

The Weird, Happy Life of Extremo the Clown

News May 23 4:00 AM


The Recently Downsized Frank Bures Decides to Make Money the Old-Fashioned Way...Selling His Body to Science

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News Nov 8 4:00 AM

Portland's Geek Rebellion

"Free Geek" Helps the Needy Get Nerdy

News Jun 21 4:00 AM

Murder, Sex and Free Food

How the Portland Sect of Hare Krishna's are Struggling to Overcome a Very Shady Past

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Books Sep 7 4:00 AM

Lance-Con 2000