John Dooley

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Cross Me, Will Ya?!

This Weekend's Crucifixion Parade: A Cross Portland Will Have to Bear

How to get a head in robotics

Local Android Takes First Step Towards Enslaving Mankind

News Nov 6 4:00 AM

Big Chief SOB

Grizzlies, Drugs, & Flames: The Life of a Wildfire Crew Boss

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News Jun 26 4:00 AM

The Mysterious Mystery Thing

Observant Local Man Discovers a... What the Hell IS that Thing Anyway?!

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News Mar 27 4:00 AM

Let's Play... Release-A-Date!

Multnomah County's "Early Release Program for Prisoners" Is Just in Time to Provide You With a Hot Date

News Mar 13 4:00 AM

Small Town Dirt

Are Neighbors Conspiring To Trip-up Dwarf's Fantasy Farm?