Paul Leschen

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Sampling the Pirates' Booty

Reviewer Gets Nautical on Barbur Boulevard

Divine Inspiration

Living Long and Eating Right, Chinese Style

Dec 12 4:00 AM

Ancient Greek

Alexis Needs a Modern Makeover

Nov 28 4:00 AM

The Savvy Diner

Paul Spends His Dollar Like a True Expert

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Nov 21 4:00 AM

Good Bento, Baaad Bento

Join Paul on a Bento Bonanza

Nov 7 4:00 AM

Last Supper

Double Trouble Two Restaurants, One Evening, A Bust

Oct 24 4:00 AM

Enchanted Vietnamese Food

Inside a Hidden Place

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Sep 19 4:00 AM

Savor the Flavor

CaΓ±ita’s Got Cajones

Sep 5 4:00 AM

A Spicy Sparkle

Authentic Korean at Be Won

Aug 22 4:00 AM

Beirut Now Portland

Abu Rasheed's Tasty Lebanese Cuisine

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Aug 15 4:00 AM


Had enough of Velveeta and Iceberg lettuce? Leave your Safeway Club Card at home, and head out to any of the hundreds of specialty markets in town. Don't know where to find bible tripe? Ask the expert!

Aug 8 4:00 AM

Don't Fear the Germans

Berlin Inn Serves More than Grease and Gravy

Jul 25 4:00 AM

Gold Garden is Fantastic

Only, It's on 82nd Ave

Jul 18 4:00 AM

Say Hello to PDX-Mex

Think it Sounds Weird? It is.

Jul 11 4:00 AM

Welcome to the A-List

Scarlet Begonias Makes it With the Details