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Earth II Is Four Decades of Disaster Movies Recut Into Climate Change Reality

"Time and time again, climate change is reduced to just a tsunami or just a twister or whatever."

A Decade of the Portland Film Festival

Milestones be damned, PFF wants its own movie theater.

Portland Playhouse Returns to the Short, Local Films of Wonderland

Short films are where the filmmakers of tomorrow are being born.

Movies & TV Aug 3 11:00 AM

Sam Now Documents a Stunning Family Mystery

Half-Brothers Spend Decades Trailing a Mother's Unexpected Departure

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Movies & TV Mar 1 10:00 AM

Silence on the Set: Claims of Harassment and Assault Within Portland’s Film Community

Multiple women have spoken to the Mercury about being allegedly harassed by actor Christian Kane while working on Portland-area productions. Another said she was assaulted by actor Timothy Hutton following a production.