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Director Celine Song Talks About Her Stunning Debut Film, Past Lives

We also chatted about cannibalism, memory, and what comes next.

Film Q & A: Wild Life Questions Conservation and Capitalism

The new documentary from the directors of Free Solo paints complicated portraits of former Patagonia and North Face executives Kris and Doug Tompkins.

Beau Is Afraid Is a Painting of a Panic Attack

Ari Aster releases history’s most unchill film on 4/20 .

Movies & TV Apr 11 12:00 PM

Film Q & A: Kelly Reichardt's Showing Up Was Shot at the Oregon College of Art and Craft—After It Closed

The director shot her latest film in Portland, collaborating again with writer Jon Raymond and actress Michelle Williams.

Movies & TV Feb 10 10:58 AM

Somebody I Used to Know Is a Polyamory Bait Switch

Also swapping, Oregon plays Washington in this charming romantic comedy.

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News Jan 13 3:01 PM

More Women Accuse YouTuber Andrew Callaghan of Sexual Misconduct and Assault

We spoke to one of the women who accused him TikTok and two others who have yet to come forward publicly.

Movies & TV Jan 13 12:16 PM

Portland EcoFilm Festival Reckons with Climate Crisis

Opening weekend takes us deep into the lives of people and animals on the front lines of a changing climate.

Movies & TV Dec 8 2:38 PM

It Took a Village (of Portland Animators) to Raise Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

Our city is home to some of the world's most talented animation staff, and they're the ones who built Pinocchio's bones.

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Movies & TV Dec 7 1:02 PM

Film Review: I Am DB Cooper Crashes To Earth

In this dubious documentary, a man claims to be the mysterious plane hijacker who parachuted to unsolved infamy in 1971.

Movies & TV Nov 21 2:58 PM

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Dances With Darkness

Brilliant Portland-made animation, masterful narrative reworking, but could have gone harder on the fascism.

Movies & TV Nov 2 12:48 PM

Don't Call Mother Of Color Magic Realism

The first feature film from Dawn Jones Redstone is as much about Portland (including a protest reenactment) as it is about ancestors and enchantment.

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Movies & TV Oct 20 2:05 PM

Building Towards TÁR

Portland-raised director Todd Field was best known, before now, for his acclaimed In the Bedroom.

Movies & TV Sep 23 12:45 PM

Earth II Is Four Decades of Disaster Movies Recut Into Climate Change Reality

"Time and time again, climate change is reduced to just a tsunami or just a twister or whatever."

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 12 8:06 AM

A Decade of the Portland Film Festival

Milestones be damned, PFF wants its own movie theater.

Movies & TV Sep 2 12:50 PM

Portland Playhouse Returns to the Short, Local Films of Wonderland

Short films are where the filmmakers of tomorrow are being born.

Movies & TV Aug 3 11:00 AM

Sam Now Documents a Stunning Family Mystery

Half-Brothers Spend Decades Trailing a Mother's Unexpected Departure