Isabella Garcia

Isabella Garcia

Isabella Garcia is the former News Editor for the Portland Mercury. She covered City Hall, transportation, the environment, breaking news, and more.

Recent Articles

Cops Mar 21 10:00 AM

Auditor Finds Police Lack Data to Judge Effectiveness in Curbing Gun Violence

A follow-up report says the police bureau still has work to do to implement audit recommendations from 2018.

Housing Mar 15 3:09 PM

Portland City Council Approves Incentives for Office-to-Apartment Building Conversions

Developers say that the tricky redevelopments may still be too cost prohibitive.

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Transportation Mar 13 9:05 AM

Traffic Deaths in Portland Remain Record-High For a Second Year

Speeding, dark conditions, and persistent traffic exposure played a role in the 63 fatalities in 2022.

homelessness Mar 9 3:21 PM

Portland’s First Sanctioned Mass Homeless Camp Expected to Open This Summer in Central Eastside

California-based nonprofit Urban Alchemy will run the 150 person camp.

News Mar 8 5:45 PM

Accused Normandale Gunman Pleads Guilty on All Charges

Benjamin Smith will be sentenced on April 18.

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News Mar 8 1:20 PM

Race for Open Multnomah County Commission Seat Takes Shape

Three candidates will be on the May 16 ballot.

Cops Mar 3 10:00 AM

Portlanders Speak Out Against Gunshot Technology Pilot Program During Town Hall

It’s unclear how vocal opposition to the planned program will be weighed by city leaders.

Cops Mar 1 8:00 AM

Federal Judge Questions Portland Police Union’s Demands Over Body Cameras

Union officals believe police should be able to review bodycam footage before filing use-of-force reports.

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News Feb 25 2:28 PM

UPDATE: Seven Warming Shelters Open in Portland as Temperatures Plunge Below Freezing

Officials stress the need for volunteers as winter storm persists.

News Feb 22 7:07 PM

Portland City Council Stops Transparency Advocate Proposal from Going to Voters In May

Instead, they proposed (and passed) their own surprise resolution.

City Hall Feb 21 2:35 PM

Will City Council Allow Portlanders to Vote on New Transparency Watchdog?

If approved Wednesday, the proposal would go before Portland voters in May.

Cops Feb 17 12:53 PM

Portland Police and City in a Stalemate Over Body Camera Policy

Should the Portland police be allowed to review body camera footage before giving statements? The police union says yes.

News Feb 13 12:40 PM

Three Emergency Shelters Open in Portland Area Ahead of Expected Snow

Forecasts predict anywhere from one to three inches of snow accumulation Monday evening into Tuesday.

Transportation Feb 7 10:00 AM

From Face Chewing to Chronic Code Violations: How Does TriMet Determine the Length of Rider Bans?

TriMet issued its second-ever lifetime ban after the Gresham MAX station attack.

labor Feb 6 10:12 AM

City of Portland Worker Strike Ends with Contract Compromise

While workers won higher cost of living increases, fear of rising costs in Portland remains.