Alex Zielinski

Alex Zielinski

Alex Zielinski is the News Editor for the Portland Mercury. She's here to tell stories about economic inequities, cops, civil rights, and weird city politics that you should probably be paying attention to.

Recent Articles

News Aug 4 5:41 PM

Man Arrested for 2019 Murder of Sean Kealiher

The arrest comes after a long, at times contentious investigation into Kealiher's murder.

Opinion Aug 4 2:46 PM

Hall Monitor: Soft on Crime

What happens when a police accountability group inherently trusts law enforcement?

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News Aug 1 3:46 PM

Patriot Prayer Brawler Sentenced to Three Days in Jail

A judge has allowed Lewis to serve the three days in jail non-consecutively and at his convenience.

News Jul 28 10:16 AM

Portland Officer Fatally Shoots Armed Person in East Portland

This is the third time Portland police have fired at a member of the public this week..

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Cops Jul 26 2:26 PM

City Selects Controversial Vendor for Body Camera Pilot Program

The decision was made without any public input, which community groups had requested.

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News Jul 21 4:29 PM

Mayor Wheeler Announces State of Emergency to Streamline Response to Gun Violence

The program directs additional funding to gun violence intervention programs that are already operating within the city.

News Jul 20 1:23 PM

City Withdraws Employment Offer to Police Bureau's New Training Dean

The decision comes five days after announcing his hire.

News Jul 19 1:16 PM

Judge Acquits Patriot Prayer's Joey Gibson and Russell Shultz in Riot Case

The judge found both individuals' actions did not meet the state's definition of riot.

News Jul 18 6:06 PM

Attorneys Paint Right-Wing Activists As Nonviolent Bystanders in Day One of Patriot Prayer Riot Trial

Attorneys representing Patriot Prayer members challenge violent characterization of clients.

News Jul 15 10:41 AM

Uprooted and Unhoused

Portland's homeless camp sweeps undermine the efforts of people seeking permanent housing.