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The Mercury’s Cover Artist of the Week: Fazilat Soukhakian

Her photo series "Queer In Utah" highlights the struggle of sexual repression in a religious society.

Meet the Mercury's Cover Artist of the Week: Femke Hiemstra

Flora, fauna, surrealist fables... and other examples of Hiemstra's Neo Fabulism.

This Week’s Mercury Cover Artist: Sam Geballe’s Beautiful Darkness

Body dysphoria is only part of this remarkable photography exhibit running through this Saturday, April 1, at Blue Sky Gallery.

Visual Art Mar 6 12:00 PM

Mercury Cover Artist of the Week: Justin “Scrappers” Morrison’s Sincere Celebrations

Making earnest art about how strange and beautiful it is to be alive right now.

Arts Dec 15 11:01 AM

Meet Jason Sturgill—the Mercury Cover Artist of the Week!

Sturgill talks about the importance of being honest about one's mental health, channeling the inner-child, and more.

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Visual Art Nov 3 11:00 AM

Photographer Luke Misclevitz's Wild Time Capsules

Misclevitz chronicles Portland’s underground—it's music, fashion, and nightlife.

Visual Art Oct 31 1:00 PM

Humaira Abid Confronts the World

Meet the Mercury Cover Artist of the Week!

Visual Art Oct 12 10:28 AM

Meet the Mercury's Cover Artist of the Week!

Witchcraft, death, and tigers with visible skeletons... it's all part of this week's Mercury cover artist Mx. Morgan Robles' fearless divination.

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Visual Art Aug 11 10:07 AM

This Week's Mercury Cover: Steven Miller’s Spiritual Skinny Dipping

An Interview with the Photographer About His Collection of Underwater Nudes, Subsumed