Martha Daghlian

Martha Daghlian

Martha Daghlian is an artist and writer based in Portland. Her past/future projects include Grapefruits Art Space,, and the High-Tech Luddites Anti-Smartphone Club. She is an admirer of all things artsy, ephemeral, and handmade, and she loves cartoons.

TBA Sep 16 1:00 PM

TBA Review: They Can Never Burn the Stars Is TBA at Its Best

Standing in certain locations turned viewers’ bodies into conduits for deep vibrating bass lines.

TBA Sep 9 3:59 PM

San Cha Opens TBA with a Sold Out Show

The Los Angeles-based singer wowed with a slow baked layer cake set of emotion and drama.

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 6 1:10 PM

Start Your Time-Based Art Engines

PICA's 2022 TBA festival schedule reveals themes of personal journeys, communal healing, cosmic connections, and sensory immersion.

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