John Rudoff

John Rudoff is a photojournalist and documentary photographer living in Portland, Oregon. He also occasionally reviews theater. 

Recent Articles

Ponder the Mysteries of Greg in Middletown Mall

Third Rail Repertory Theatre closes out their season in a mall wasteland.

Theater Review: Hand2Mouth's Spring Show Speaks With the Living, the Dead, and Death

Memento Mori unfolds as a series of sketches, and when the actors speak, they kill.

Theater Review: Sanctuary City Follows Two Undocumented Teens Through the Chaos of the US Immigration System

Third Rail Repertory deftly adapts Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Martyna Majok's gorgeous mosaic of lived experience.

Theater & Performance Oct 26 11:00 AM

Theater Review: Grab a Guinness and Two Pints at CoHo Theater

Third Rail Repertory's season opener is a gorgeous little diptych, two-hander play about a friendship between two Irishmen.

Theater & Performance May 17 10:58 AM

Theater Review: Artists Repertory Theatre’s True Story Packs a Hard-Boiled Punch

Oregon playwright E. M. Lewis has penned a timeless noir play.

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