Melissa Locker

Melissa Locker is a podcaster and journalist. You can follow her @woolyknickers, but not in real life.

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Kathleen Hanna Is Making a Documentary About Darcelle XV

Fun fact: The riot grrrl punk singer is Walter Cole's second cousin.

Popular Music From Parenthetical Girls

Zac Pennington and Prudence Rees-Lee's album Minor Works includes a 17-piece Russian chamber orchestra that was recorded via Zoom.

The Peopleโ€™s Courts Serves up Pickleball With a Side of Apizza Scholls

The Portland rec center opened to much fanfare last August. Here's how it's doing.

Music Apr 8 12:00 PM

Sleater-Kinney Gives Hometown Portland the Eras Treatment

Nothing says "We love our fans," like a five-song encore.

Music Nov 16 1:00 PM

Live Show Review: Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville 30th Anniversary Tour

The Portland stop was a happy-sad, nostalgia-induced crying jag trip through time.

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Food and Drink Oct 18 11:00 AM

The Return of Portland Fermentation Festival Is a Big Dill

After a three year hiatus, the 2023 fest promises snacks, a Bacterial Petting Zoo, and a DIY attempt at the lost Neusihin's pickle recipe.