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New Thing in the Lloyd Center: Secret Room Workshop Pop-Up

Through December 23, the little gallery will host art shows, present workshops, and sell riso-printer art.

The Holiday Brisket Roundup

Where to find Portland’s finest, most tender brisket for your Jewish celebrations.

What Happens at a Shrek Rave?

In which a Mercury writer considers Judith Butler, on a dance floor full of gender-swapped Shreks and Fionas.

Outdoors Oct 12 2:01 PM

The Portland Mercury's 2023 Corn Maze Reviews

Five Portland-area corn mazes, ranked by the philosophical depth of their rustling stalks.

Video Games Oct 9 11:00 AM

Highlights at Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2023

PGRE is one of the most approachable cons in town, thanks in part to how much there is to actually do there.

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Fall Arts 2023 Sep 6 3:45 AM

An Astrological Guide to Portland’s Film Festival Scene

Let the stars in the sky be your guide to the screen.

Comics Aug 23 10:20 AM

An LA Comics Fest Comes to Create Permanent Damage in Portland

Floating World hosts the grimy indie comics fair in Lloyd Center's old Ulta Beauty salon.

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Movies & TV Aug 1 4:30 PM

The Agony and Ecstasy of the Portland 48-Hour Film Project

What's fun about making a short film, in an extreme time crunch, on no sleep?

Say Nice Things About… Portland’s Pop Culture Culture!

The dream of the ‘90s (and ‘80s, and early aughts) is alive in Portland.

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