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Art Walkin': First Friday

Stuck Between the Old Portland and the New

Puzzled, Mathematical, and Hungover

First Thursday Crawls into the New Year

Art Walkin'

Popped Up, Toned Down, and Slapped Together

Art Nov 12 4:00 PM

Art Walkin'

Making an Impression on First Thursday

Art Oct 8 4:00 PM

Art Walkin': First Thursday

Hoods 'n' Heads

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Art Sep 10 4:20 PM

Art Walkin': First Friday

The End of an Era

Theater & Performance Sep 3 4:00 PM

Behind the Accent

Mary Mac Helps Actors Find the Voices They Need

Theater & Performance Jul 30 4:00 PM

Going Distinct

One of Portland's Fringiest Companies Takes on Chekhov

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Theater & Performance Jun 18 4:00 PM

Puppet King

The Baby from Labyrinth Is All Grown Upβ€”and Making Movies

Books Jun 11 4:00 PM

Demystifying Physics

Musician, TV Personality, and... Physics Teacher?

Books Jun 11 4:00 PM

Under Glass

Profiling Poet Willa Schneberg

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Theater & Performance May 14 4:00 PM

Funding the Future

Profiling Scotty Iseri's Interactive Kids' Show

Art Apr 30 4:00 AM


N.O. Bonzo's Guerilla Street Art

Books Mar 26 4:00 AM

Plankton & Cupcakes

Profiling the Creator of Hello, My Name Is Octicorn

Profiles Mar 26 4:00 AM

Theater Builder

Dámaso Rodriguez Is the New Public Face of Artists Rep

Feature Mar 26 4:00 AM

Three Steps to Greater Art Appreciation

"The Fact That Art Gets Made at All Is a Humanist Miracle You're Not Fit to Dismiss"

Profiles Mar 25 4:00 AM

Looking for Connection

NW Dance Project Keeps Sarah Slipper Busy, Busy, Busy

Art Mar 12 4:00 AM

Art Walkin': First Thursday

Curatorium, Meet Cartooniverse