Surprise! You Just Got a Bike

It’s the 2016 Bike Issue, and It’s for the People


But I didn't WANT a 59-pound orange tank... sorry, bike.
It's a bit misleading to imply that 'most' of Portlanders now have access to bike share. If you take a look at the Biketown service area, it maps directly to high income zip codes. Once again, the hard working people of modest means get shut out of a government sponsored program. When November rolls around, I hope Portlanders remember that Commissioner Novick chose to spend tax money on Bikeshare instead of needed crosswalks and streetlights in East County. That's fucked up priorities.
When trump wins he can fix all these issues have no fear
Please take the one outside of my house, Cully! My neighbors and I already all have bikes. That we ride. That weigh a third of the Nike bike's weight. Please take the horrible Nike sign branding our neighborhood too. 10 million would have bought 20,000 $400 commuter bikes for people who can't afford them, and still left a $100 for a Nike branded paint job.