Got questions for your friends and neighbors in Portland? Like pizza? You said "Yes" to both, didn't you? (I knew it!)

Well, over on Questionland, the person who posts the best question of the week, and the person who posts the best answer of the week get a delicious Hot Lips pizza. FOR, like, FREE!!

What's a good question, you ask? Start with legit queries about life in Portland. Here's a bunch: Where can I get a decent salt bagel in PDX? Best Coconut Cream Pie? What restaurant/bars have a real, working fireplace? Where can I donate sample size/slightly used shampoos and toiletries? What restaurants offer dining after 2AM? What record store in Portland has the best selection of metal on vinyl? My 60-year-old mom is visiting me next week... any suggestions?

You can (and should) vote for your favorite questions and answers. Rhetorical or jokey questions ("Why am I so hot?" "Does anyone have a recipe for diaper gravy on toast?") won't get you bumpkis. (BTW, "bumpkis" is not "free pizza.")

They'll announce the winners and mail out gift certificates every FRIDAY (hey, that's tomorrow!!). So do it to it! Ask good questions, post good answers, and eat good pizza in return. That's QUESTIONLAND, and that's what I call WIN-WIN-WIN.