Hurrah! We have the winners for this week's "Questionland Question & Answer of the Week!"

Joneser asked the question:
I want to spend less than $200 on some cute summer duds that will last a while. Where do I go (besides F21)?

Amazonfemme answered: You will be able to effectively replace your entire wardrobe for $200.00 at the flea market off 82nd and Foster. If you don't mix it up right you'll look like a gangbanger, but who cares? You'll have 4 new pairs of pants and/or skirts, 4 new shirts, 4 bra/panty sets, and 2 pairs of shoes!

Good questioning and answering, you smartypants! For their trouble, both have won a gift certificate for some delicious Hot Lips Pizza—and don't forget! We are giving away two pizzas every goddamn week. All you have to do is ask a good question, or give a good answer over at... QUESTIONLAND! (Where knowledge = full bellies.)