As Sarah reported on Wednesday, Water Bureau administrator David Shaff made the call to dump 7.2 million gallons of water, costing me and you $35,000 and change, because a drunk peed in the reservoir. This idiotic PR move has angered a ton of people (obviously including me) as well as catching fire on the internet, giving out o' towners yet another reason to think we're all dumb, shiftless hipsters.

Anyhoo, our I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day reflects this city-wide frustration.

Dr. Mr. Shaff,
You say that water is in abundance. In an economic recession, when both Federal and State programs are being cut, and when people are losing their jobs, is money itself so abundant that grandstanding politically motivated so-called "civil servants" can afford to flush $38,000 down a drain?

Obviously since this person is totally right, we're temporarily abandoning our "How Full of Shit is This Person" poll, for a "How Fired Should David Shaff Be" poll. Vote on it here, comment on it, and submit your own rant or confession—probably on a different topic, if you don't mind. OH! There's also a good Anonymous written by a telephone sex worker. Read that one, too! (Also kinda about pee.)