This amazing I, Anonymous is addressed to "Mom who took us out to Sassy's." READ.

I wanted to thank you. Thank you for being at Mary's club, and convincing me and my friends to go to Sassy's with you and yours. Thank you for taking your two gay male friends to strip clubs. Thank you for getting us high outside of Sassy's. Thank you for buying us all our drinks all night. Thank you for hitting on men at the strip club. Thank you for buying lap dances. Thank you for getting lap dances. Thank you for buying rounds of JÄger shots.

AND IT JUST GETS SO MUCH BETTER FROM THERE! Be sure to read the entire stirring tribute to the best mom ever, and leave your own rant, confession, or shout out on the only blog your mom reads, the new I, Anonymous blog! (I WANT THAT MOM!!)