I've seen a lot of I, Anonymouses come and go in my day, but few actually move me to the point of anger. However one of the ones in a new batch that cropped up last night has me truly aghast. Here's an excerpt:

Because my cat, in an attempt to play with you cat, slightly damaged your screen, you have to be a snatch. Instead of getting to frolic through the grass and enjoy the rich kitty life, you called our landlord and forced us to keep him inside, even after we offered to pay for any damages. And then, just because he sneaks outside one time you decide that you need to take legal action and force us to get rid of the only child we'll ever have.

What the mother fuck? Is that a thing? Can you force your neighbor through "legal action" to get rid of a cat?? A non-rabid cat who committed a non-violent crime??? Oh hell no! If someone tried to do that to me I would become their nightmare. But that's just me. I'm sure there are other things than the threat to the well being of a domesticated feline that might make you mad. So tell it.