There's a new crop of biting and railing backstabbing screeds going on over on the I, Anonymous blog, including gripes about bitchy bus riders, house flippers, and dog poop. That's right, dog poop! However, my favorite includes the observation on the higher rate of broken bones witnessed on the youth during the summer months. (Speaking of which: Summer, where the fuck do you get off drizzling on my summer, bitch? Fuck you.—Anonymous)

Every single effing day, it seems, I spot a different mustachioed, ironic-chest-piece-tattooed, tank-top-and-wayfarer-wearing, skinny-jean-and-TOMS nut-hugging twerp sulking by the bus stop waiting for the 20 with his or her ARM IN A FUCKING SLING!!!! Let me guess: you fell off your fucking fixie, you twat.

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