NOTE TO I, ANONYMOUS READERS AND SUBMITTERS: Poetry is never okay. Under any circumstances. But unfortunately, that didn't stop this guy.

Dear society,

Through your hands I wield hate

Through your intentions I create power over others

Through your actions I create endless suffering

Through your religions I lose my spirit and my god

Through your culture I become an automaton, forever stifling creativity ... ....

Okay, I'm gonna forever stifle your creativity right now—not because I favor "automatons," but because all poetry stinks, and yours stinks like an ass sandwich. AM I WRONG? Then for God's sake, vote in this post's "Anony-Poll" and let's settle the matter once and for all. (Besides, if I can stop even one person from submitting poetry to the Mercury, then I've done my job.) Submit your own non-poetic rants and confessions here.