Sooooooooo... this guy's mad.

Why is it that I get service with a genuine smile from the 17 year-old acne riddled kid at McDonalds on Burnside, and the hipster bitch serving my $40.00 breakfast can't even muster a 'thanks'? If I get waited on/served by one more filthy haired, coke-bottle faux glasses wearing, lucky strike cigarette smoking, tighter-than-my-girlfriends-skinny black pants donning, tattooed big-lobed FREAK who thinks I don't deserve a motherfucking smile with my $6.00 house coffee, so help my Baby Jesus I will scald him with said cup of joe quicker than he can roll his eyes in exasperation that I ACTUALLY asked him for a To-Go cup.

Read the rest here, offer him some advice on managing his blood pressure in the comments, and submit your own I, Anonymous confession or rant! (Maybe you'll feel better. I'm guessing this guy didn't.)